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Time Estimation Worksheet

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Boost your business toolkit with the Time Estimation Worksheet 📈. Tailor-made for business owners, this digital tool is perfect for use as a powerful lead magnet, or as a key component in digital products, online courses, memberships, or coaching programs.

Elevate your client engagement and add unique value with this innovative resource.

Key Features for Client Engagement:

🌊 Time River Tool:

Visual Engagement: Offer your clients an engaging visual method to map their day, enhancing their understanding of time management.

Client Insight: Help clients spot tasks that take up most of their time, guiding them towards a more productive schedule.

⏱️ Task Time Estimation Worksheet:

Skill Development: Provide a tool that hones your clients' skills in accurately estimating task durations, crucial for effective time management.

Realistic Planning: Assist clients in crafting achievable schedules, boosting their confidence and success.

Consistent Improvement: Encourage regular use for ongoing efficiency and effective time allocation in your clients' daily routines.

Business Benefits:

🧲 Attractive Lead Magnet: Use the worksheet as a free resource to draw in new clients.

💻 Enhanced Digital Products: Add significant value to your digital products or online courses.

👥 Membership Engagement: Incorporate it into your membership program for ongoing member satisfaction.

👩‍🏫 Coaching Tool: Utilize it in coaching sessions to aid clients in mastering time management.

Ideal for Business Owners in:

👨‍🏫 Coaching and Consulting

💻 Online Education

🔑 Membership Site Management

🛍️ Digital Product Creation

Incorporate the "Time Estimation Worksheet" into your business strategy to not only improve your clients' time management skills but also to enhance the value of your services.

It's more than a tool; it's a stepping stone to stronger client relationships and sustainable business growth 💼📊.


  • One 7-page Canva template for you to customize for your brand and business


Can I edit the color palette of this website? Yes, you can! This product is completely editable in Canva so you can modify the worksheet with your own brand colors.

How can I use this in my business? 

  • This purchase includes a single license which is non transferrable. If you need this product for more than one business, please purchase the listing multiple times
  • This template is for your own personal or business use only
  • You can use it to create a freebie or product for your course or membership, work with coaching clients, or for your own personal development
  • Use product as a lead magnet or gift only in a flattened format (e.g. PDF OR jpg)
  • You are not allowed to resell the template, even if you make modifications to it

🚚 Digital Delivery: This is a digital product, no physical item will be mailed. 

    Time Estimation Worksheet
    Time Estimation Worksheet Perfect For Lead Magnet And Paid Program

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