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Course in a Box

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Be Among the 1,400+ Success Stories with Course in a Box!

Launch Your Money-Making Digital Course in Just One Week

Transform Your Expertise into Income: Create and Sell Your Own Online Course - Start Profiting as Soon as Next Week, Whether It's Through Your Email, Website, Social Media, or as an Irresistible Tripwire!

Transform Your Course Idea Into Profit

Is This You?

  • Long-Standing Dream: Has "Create an Online Course" been sitting on your to-do list for far too long? Now's the time to cross it off — not with a sigh of relief, but with a burst of pride.
  • Overwhelmed by Choices?: Whether you're grappling with the maze of selecting the right course platform, struggling with slide creation, or still fine-tuning that winning course idea — you're not alone. We understand these roadblocks and have the perfect toolkit to navigate them.
  • Time is Precious: We get it — your days are filled with client work, freelance projects, family responsibilities, and more. That's why you need a solution that's efficient, not another time-consuming project.
  • Simplicity and Efficiency: You're not looking for complex theories or convoluted processes. What you need are practical templates and a clear, step-by-step system that propels you towards your goals, quickly and effectively.
  • Starting Small, Dreaming Big: Interested in creating a mini-course as a stepping stone to bigger ventures? Perfect! Mini-courses are a smart, manageable way to begin, and we'll guide you through every step.

Imagine the Possibilities:

  • Notifications Galore: Picture this - your phone lights up with notifications from PayPal or Stripe, not with bills or reminders, but with the exhilarating news of course sales. And where are you? Cheering at your kid's soccer game, enjoying your weekend, all while your online course works for you.
  • Rave Reviews: Visualize your inbox filled with messages from students. But not just any messages — glowing testimonials about how your course has opened doors for them, solved their problems, and enriched their lives. This is the power of sharing your knowledge.
  • A Shift in Work-Life Balance: Imagine a day where client work no longer consumes all your time. Instead, you're carving out more space for yourself and your passions, thanks to the passive income stream from your course. It's not just about making money; it's about reclaiming your time.
  • Effortless Enrollments: Envision students discovering your course through a simple click from your email, website, or a social media post. Your course is not just a product; it's a journey that starts right where your audience is.
Create your money-making course and see those payment notifications roll in as early as next week. 

What You'll Get with Course in a Box:

  • Proven 5-Step System: Master the art of course creation in just one week with our comprehensive video training and easy-to-use templates. Fast-track your success in the online education space.
  • AI-Powered Course Creation: Dive into our exclusive Teaching Assistant Trainings to learn how to leverage AI for designing dynamic, engaging courses.
  • Learn Anywhere, Anytime: Stay ahead with our 'students-only' private podcast. Perfect for learning on the move and fitting education into your busy schedule.

Exclusive Bonuses to Amplify Your Success:

  • Online Course Pricing Guide: Navigate the complexities of pricing your course effectively.
  • Perfect Course Naming Strategy: Discover the secrets to selecting a name that resonates and attracts.
  • 9 Course Enhancements: Elevate your course’s value and appeal with these key enhancements.
  • 7 Essential Tools for Course Creation: Equip yourself with the must-have tools to streamline your course development.
  • 3 Steps to an Unforgettable Brand: Build a memorable brand that stands out in the crowded online space.
  • Successful Beta Testing Blueprint: Learn how to conduct beta tests that provide invaluable insights for course refinement.

Your journey to becoming a celebrated digital product creator starts here. Don’t wait – Enroll now and transform your expertise into a thriving online business!


How will I receive the Course in a Box?

After you enroll, you'll receive the information to log into our online course platform.

You will receive two emails: one with your course login information and another welcome email so you can get started right away.

What tools are required for creating my online course? How much do they cost?

Good news! Many tools you need to create your online course are free or low cost. You will need a Canva account, at a minimum.

Additional tools may be required depending on how you plan to deliver your online course to your students.

Will Course in a Box work for my business?

The Course in the Box was designed for anyone who's interested in creating an online course.

This includes business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, service providers, and coaches who want to teach what they know or decrease their dependence on client work. Sound like you? Then it's perfect!

This is a digital course. Nothing physical will ship.

    Course in a Box by Dr. Destini Copp

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